Who is RUMI?

Founder image

We started RUMI gifting in 2021 with the goal of creating fun memories, giving back to local communities and promoting small businesses.

Much of this grew out of our experience in our hometown of Terre Haute, IN. Receiving gifts from thoughtful friends and neighbors, watching the incredible surge to support local around town, and seeing the inspiring work of nonprofits every day seeded the desire to launch RUMI.

Our family has what we call our three goals to live by: Be Brave, Be Loving, Be Kind. So, when we considered the possibility of something that would check all three goals, we had to try. 

RUMI came from a phrase we use to whisper to each other or pass back and forth on cards, texts, or gifts. “I’M URS” was a way to remind each other that no matter what was going on, we had each other. When naming our company, we knew we wanted to carry that feeling into this new adventure.

Above all, we hope that RUMI will be a wonderful experience for you and the one with whom you share it. 

Give Different,
Alex, Ron, Madi, & Carter